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Perfectly Crispy Kale Chips

Crispy, salty and delicious, this recipe turns regular kale into a kid friendly and addictive snack.
Prep Time10 mins
Cook Time18 mins
Servings: 4 1-cup servings



  • 4 cups lightly packed curly kale about 1/2 bunch
  • 1 tbsp olive oil
  • 1/4 tsp salt


  • Preheat oven to 275 degrees.
  • Wash and dry kale leaves. Make sure they are completely dry. If the leaves are still wet, the kale will steam instead of getting crispy.
  • Separate the kale from the stem by ripping into 1-2 inch sections and placing them in a bowl.
  • Pour 1 tablespoon of olive oil on the kale. Massage oil into kale, making sure each leave is coated.
  • Spread out the kale on the baking sheets. Make sure each piece is separate so the kale will get crispy. If they are on top of each other, they may get soggy and cook unevenly.
  • Sprinkle salt over kale.
  • Bake for 15 to 20 minutes until they become crispy. Start checking at 15 minutes and check every minute until they become crispy.